Instant Depths

You asked for it and here it is: part two of our Phantasm coverage!  Do we finally unlock the key to the Tall Man's business success, or do we fail to deliver the goods? Jermaine tries to keep this train on course, but Adam and Jay have more tangents than ever before.  Also, we have the debut of our new theme song by fantasierock.

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Instant Depths #9 - Got all me own teeth

It's an all Sherlock Holmes episode as Adam and Jay are joined by Lex to discuss the Asylum mockbuster, Sherlock Holmes, the recent BBC series Sherlock and the 1979 Holmes verses Jack the Ripper film, Murder by Decree.  There are also several tangents along the way including discussions of cleft palettes, The Walking Dead and Welcome to the Dollhouse.

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Join Adam and Jay as they sit down with special guest Jermaine to discuss the first two films in the Phantasm series.  Learn what the Tall Man's business model is and witness the minting of a new monster classification term.

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Instant Depths #7 - Oh, Cleveland

This week's episode is our first "Famous Flops" special.  We're covering the 1986 classic Howard the Duck. 

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