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Instant Depths #23 - Four Foot Crab Legs

Rounding out the October horror episodes  our  Hero's discuss 3 Masters of Horror episodes; those being Pro-Life, An Incident on and off a Mountain Road, and A Damned Thing.  There is also the standard amount of diversions including discussions of business practices and a musical interlude.

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Instant Depths #22 - I Only Keep Pets I Can Eat

Adam and Jay are once again joined by Lex for their second horror movie episode of October.  The crew is split on the popular found-footage fright fest Paranormal Activity but finds common ground for the cult hit Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

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Instant Depths # 21 - Where's My Cake!

Adam and Jay are joined by Acmecast host Jermaine for a pair of horror films, the 2007 Halloween set Trick 'r Treat and the 1982 Stephen King and George Romero collaboration, Creepshow.  For more of Jermaine on Instant Depths check out our two part Phantasm series right here: and here:

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Instant Depths #20 - Space Hobbit

In this episode out hosts discuss A Boy and His Dog and Arena.  They give what may have been the lowest ratings for a movie yet and Jay proves his theory about terrible movie lovers.

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Instant Depths #19 - It is you're fault.

In this episode Adam and Jay cover Memento and Escape Clause.   This might be the first time that our Sub-Mariners of the instant queue  opinion of a movie differ so drastically.  Which movie is it listen and find out!

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