Instant Depths
Instant Depths #26 - Monkey Fest 2011

It's monkey mania as Jay and Adam tackle the terrible F. Murray Abraham movie, Blood Monkey and one of George Romero's Monkey Shines. Jay spends more time talking about the awesome new book Ready Player One than he does about Blood Monkey and Adam shares how he re-enacts Voltron with his cats on a daily basis.  Instant Depths will take a break for the holidays and will be somewhat sporadic for the rest of the year before returning in January 2012 with a new bi-weekly schedule.

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Instant Depths #25 - Phantom Hardware

This week our heroes power through two of the hardest movies they have watched to date.  Phantoms and Hardware push our hosts to the limit.  Listen and beware, next week will have better movies. HONEST!

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Adam and Jay cover two recent addtions to the Netflix Instant library: Kevin Smith's "horror" film Red State and the Norwegian mock documentary Trollhunter. Our hosts also attempt to unravel the mystery of Netflix's often innacurate film summaries and stumble upon previously unoticed errors in the listings for film run times.  In addition, Adam questions the structural integrity of dog cages and Jay gives a mini lesson on lighting.

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