Instant Depths (general)

In this episode of Instant Depths our heroes discuss V/H/S and Cabin in the Woods.  

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He is back! Adam is joined once again by long lost host Jay.  They cover in this episode Stakeland, Sector 7, Iron Sky, and John Dies at the End. 

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Instant Depths #16 - I Know How to Feed Cows!  Revisited

To tide the masses over until the next episode this is a "Classic" episode of Instant Depths.

It's the dreaded milk episode! After Jay made an off-the-cuff joke about doing an all dairy episode he and Adam decided to make it happen.  Listen to the results as the pair discuss the 1981 tv movie Bitter Harvest, staring Ron Howard, and The Price of Milk, an indie rom-com from New Zealand. Also included: a touching tribute to an old friend, Jay fondly remembers a classic Tina Turner video and Adam makes more than one comment about men with beautiful hair.

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Instant Depths #049 - Time Circuits To Maximum

In this exciting installment of Instant Depths Adam is joined by Frank to discuss a couple time travel movies.  Those movies are: Primer and Safety Not Guaranteed.


The Netflix show that we were trying to name is Hemlock Grove.

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Instant Depths #048 - Comics Animation

In this installment of Instant Depths Adam is joined by the great Derrick Ferguson to discuss a trio of DC animated features.  The movies covered are All Star Superman, Justice League: Doom, and Superman/Shazam: The Power of Black Adam

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Instant Depths #047 - Lost Terrier House

In this episode Adam is joined by returning guest host Ian talking about a duo of television shows and a Netflix original series.  Those shows being Terriers, Lost Girl, and House of Cards.

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Instant Depths #046 - Sports to the Extreme!

Listen to your host Adam joined once again by Acme Wave Projector host Stephen as the talk about a trio of extreme sports documentaries.  Those documentaries being 30 for 30: The Birth of Big Air,Brutal Beauty: Tales of the Rose City Rollers, and Bones Brigade: An autobiography.  

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All In The Game #002- Spoiler Alert!
This week Panther Magnus and A Tiny Narwhal sit down and take a look ahead at some upcoming releases.
 A Tiny Narwhal goes toe to toe with perhaps the most devious of all Metal Gear bosses! 
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Instant Depths #044 - Blind Picks

In this installment of Instant Depths Adam in once again joined by Christina.  This time we picked the first 2 movies that were in line on the Instant Queue.  How did these 2 movies stack up against each other? Listen and find out.

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All In The Game #001 - A wild podcast appears

New to the wave projector network All In The Game is a show by gamers

for gamers! Join Panther Magnus, A tiny Narwhal and a very familiar

sounding City Commander X as they dive all things gaming Atari, Nintendo, and beyond!

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