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Instant Depths #7 - Oh, Cleveland

This week's episode is our first "Famous Flops" special.  We're covering the 1986 classic Howard the Duck. 

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This week our heroes discuss some gems of the 1950's Sci Fi, horror genre Invaders from Mars, Them!, 4D Man, and Manster We also find another link to Life-force further proving its link to all cinema.  

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Instant Depths #5 - Hilda the singing girl.

It is all anime all the time this episode. Adam and Jay are joined by Ian discuss Little Norse Prince Valiant and Appleseed.  We also talk about some of our favorite anime series that are on Netflix instant.

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Listen to Jay and Adam discuss the deep political messages in They Live and then discover what is reality in eXisTenz.  Please excuse the audio quality in the first half of the episode we had some equipment problems.

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Listen to our hosts and a myriad of guests discuss the evils of record companies and ponder the meaning of the universal melody while watching the Apple!

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Listen to our heroes Adam and Jay discover the secret of Haley's comet in Life Force and take a cross country trip with visually impaired Danish samurai in Blind Fury!

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Join our two mariners of the instant sea Adam and Jay as they begin their exploration of the Netflix instant queue. This exciting episode they discuss mid-twenties angst in Humble Pie and the moral ramifications of replicants in Android. 
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