Instant Depths
Instant Depths #30 - Battle Orca!

This time our heroes dive into a trio of Roger Corman movies.  Adam gets attacked by Orca: the Killer Whale, Jay takes the plunge with Humanoids From the Deep, and they both take a trip with John-Boy Walton to join the Battle Beyond the Stars. P.S. most of the Krull talk was cut from the episode.

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Instant Depths #29 - The saddest flute

This week our heroes discuss a trifecta of non-traditional western movies. Discussed this week is: Oblivion, The Burrowers, and The Warriors Way. There is also more than the recommended daily amount of off topic discussion.

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After a longer than intended hiatius Adam and Jay finally return with a slightly overdue look back at the year in Netflix for 2011.  The pair discuss the ups and downs of the company, thier personal Netflix viewing trends and highlight some overlooked films from the past year.  Instant Depths is now bi-weekly and will return in two weeks.

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Another week of Stephen and Adam talking about the stuff that they love to do.  Thrill at their netflix watching be shocked at the games that the play and have your'e heart warmed at the lunch that they enjoy!

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Whats this a Podcast or Something? #5 - What time is it?

This week Stephen and Adam discuss some movies and books they enjoy including In Time and Ready Player One.  

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What's this a Podcast or Something #4 - What is an Ocarina?

The triumphant return of What's this a Podcast or Something is here! After more than a year hiatus our heroes are back and talking about the stuff they enjoy in life.  This week we cover some Legend of Zelda and some of the movies we have been enjoying lately. 

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