Instant Depths
All In The Game #002- Spoiler Alert!
This week Panther Magnus and A Tiny Narwhal sit down and take a look ahead at some upcoming releases.
 A Tiny Narwhal goes toe to toe with perhaps the most devious of all Metal Gear bosses! 
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Instant Depths #044 - Blind Picks

In this installment of Instant Depths Adam in once again joined by Christina.  This time we picked the first 2 movies that were in line on the Instant Queue.  How did these 2 movies stack up against each other? Listen and find out.

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All In The Game #001 - A wild podcast appears

New to the wave projector network All In The Game is a show by gamers

for gamers! Join Panther Magnus, A tiny Narwhal and a very familiar

sounding City Commander X as they dive all things gaming Atari, Nintendo, and beyond!

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Instant Depths #44 - Avocado Boat

In this episode our Heroes discuss a couple of Canadian movies those being Goon and Hobo With a Shotgun. One is liked by both as a Feel Good Movie the other is tolerated at best.  Listen bravely folks.

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Instant Depths #043 - Crazy Kermit Arms!!!

In this installment of Instant Depths Adam is joined once again by Christina to cover the 1979 The Muppet Movie and 2011 The Muppets.

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This episode Adam is joined by long time friend Ian to discuss two recent semi-horror movies.  Those movies are Lo and Salvage.  

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